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In-house training includes all training that is held for employees of a specific company in any place or time. On the job training is a popular form of training. Almost all organisation in the world today, they do plan, develop and organize such courses. They are effective, cost effective and convenient to run. To view, the list of our course according to categories above please clicks here.

You choose the date, time & venue that suits you and your team the best. All our courses are fully referenced and each delegate receives an up to date & comprehensive printed handout. We can also develop your training matrix for you to help you with organising your training calendar for the next 12-18 months.

There are many advantages of in-house:
1. Cost effective: First and foremost, on-site workshops are cost effective. Instead of training 3-4 people in public training, your can train all group of 15 – 25 employees.
2. Customised: You can customise the course according to your employee training needs. You can produce all course outline and ask a trainer to deliver it.
3. Flexible: You can hold the course anytime you want, upon mutual agreement with the trainer. You can change venue as well according to your preferences.

List of ongoing in-house training
1. The Supervisor Development Programme
2. Time Management and Setting Priorities
3. Transitioning Into a Management Role
4. Coaching For Managers: Develop, Coach and Inspire Your Team to Achieve Greater Result
5. Communication and Performance Coaching
6. Leading & Managing Through Strategic Planning & Innovation: Creating the Strategy
7. Delivering Strategic Planning Through Inspirational Leadership: Implementing the Strategy
8. Finance For Non-Finance Personnel
9. Handling Difficult Behaviours and Poor Performance
10. Influencing and Persuading: Fundamental Skill of a Leader
11. Project Management: Building a High-Performance Team
12. Leading and Managing Organisational and Departmental Change: A Project Approach
13. Middle Manager Development Program: Creating Future Leaders
14. Performance and Behavioural Coaching in the Workplace
15. The Supervisor Development Programme
16. Time Management and Setting Priorities
17. Transitioning Into Change Management
19. Contract Management Principles and Practices
20. Project Selection technique
21. Project Management: Building and Leading a High-Performance Team

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