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Events from location : Abuja, Nigeria[View Map][Get Directions]

Optimal Board Involvement in Strategic Decision Making Process

The board may take on direct responsibility for making major strategic decisions, such as in times of crisis or when confronted with succession decisions or it may take on a more indirect role for advising and counselling the top management team in its strategic deliberations.

Individual Price £2,700
£2,700 25
Advanced Tax Structuring for Real Estate & Immovable Property Investments

This five-day seminar will provide a practical overview of the current taxation of property investments.

Event Date 25/03/2019
Event End Date 29/03/2019
Registration Start Date 28/06/2018
Cut off date 11/03/2019
Individual Price £2,700
£2,700 25
Negotiation Skills

Whether dealing with suppliers or clients, trade unions or colleagues, negotiation skills are vital to ensure personal and organisational success.

Individual Price £1,750
£1,750 25
Tax Corruption and Tax Crime Investigations

This seminar provides participants with specific skills on tax compliance management related to banks, insurance companies, family offices, asset managers, small businesses and large corporations.

Individual Price £2,500
£2,500 25

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