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Events from location : Cardiff, UK[View Map][Get Directions]

Drafting Bills & Legislation Policies

This course is designed to teach attendees about how the day-to-day business in the Houses of Parliament is carried out. 

Individual Price £1,950
£1,950 25
Improving Tax Legislative Framework and Communication with Stakeholders

Tax administrators and legislators face the need to establish an effective legislative framework, proposals and communication process in order to better manage and inform internal and external stakeholders about its key projects as well as their rights and duties.

Individual Price £2,450
£2,450 25
Financial Awareness for Managers

The purpose of the financial Management is to provide individuals with a better understanding of different financial methods within a business.

Event Date 15/04/2019
Event End Date 18/04/2019
Registration Start Date 28/06/2018
Cut off date 01/04/2019
Individual Price £1,960
£1,960 25
Tax Restoration Appeals - Challenging Seizures, Confiscations & Cash Forfeitures

This introductory level course will explore restoration appeals in the Tribunal and how to challenge seizures, confiscations and cash forfeitures upon import into the country using UK real case study. 

Event Date 23/09/2019
Event End Date 27/09/2019
Registration Start Date 25/09/2018
Cut off date 09/09/2019
Individual Price £2,450
£2,450 25

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