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Prospects Development Services (PDS) is a registered company located in Luton London; our highly qualified and professional staff ensure quality education.

We provide a range of accredited and non-accredited learning opportunities for youths and adults across the country funded by the UK government initiatives. 

Prospects Development Services (PDS) is committed to engaging adults in lifelong learning through working in partnership and promoting widening participation and high quality learning and training opportunities.

PDS currently has the mandate to provide vocational and skills training for the adult learners in England and Wales under a government initiative “NEETs” (Not in Education, Employment or Training) by working in partnership with SFA (Skill funding agency, England) and other government agencies.

24+ Advanced Learning loans have been introduced by the UK government for learners aged 24 and over studying at Level 3, 4, 5 or 6 Diploma from 1 August 2013. These learning loans can help our learners to pay the tuition fees of their course.

In addition to providing vocational training opportunities, PDS also serve the needs of the employed through customise career development courses, seminars and corporate training, worldwide. Prospects Development services is a registered vendor of the World bank education and training section.

Why PDS?
1. We have proven track record for further education training in the UK
2. We work with major UK funding agency, Private and Public sector worldwide
3. We are listed amongst the UK register of learning provider
4. We have the approval of  accreditation services for international colleges  (ASIC)
5. We have proven track record for corporate training internationally
6. We have exciting daytime, evening and weekend courses to help:

1. Learn new skills
2. Develop existing skills to help learners find job
3. Set up your own business
4. Gain a qualification
5. Update your skills for professional development

Even more we:
1. deliver courses with progression route to university or higher institute of learning in the UK
2. deliver capacity building seminar or corporate training for private and public organisations within the United Kingdom and overseas.
3. help in developing entrepreneurships skills
4. deliver blended courses worldwide

For institutions, blended courses can be part of a strategy to compensate for limited classroom space, as well as a way to think differently about encouraging education institutions collaboration.
For PDS, blended courses can be a method to infuse new engagement opportunities into established courses or, for some, provide a transitional opportunity between face-to-face and online instruction. For students, blended courses offer the conveniences of face-to-face mixture with online learning.