Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

· 4 January 2021

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The Level 5 Diploma in Business Management is designed to provide a solid grounding in core principles and skills needed to take a management role in global organisations. Upon successful completion of the Level 5 Diploma, you will be able to contribute positively to decision-making, process management and people management in your organisation.

Entry Requirements
The Level 5 Diploma has been designed to be accessible to all motivated learners. An interview is required for entry into the programme and you must hold a Qualifi Level 4 Diploma or similar, and appropriate work experience.

Course Content

  • Responding to the Changing Business Environment
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Business Development
  • Business Models and Growing Organisations
  • Customer Management
  • Risk Management and Organisations

Upon completion of the Level 5 Diploma, you should be able to progress to:

  • The final year or two of an undergraduate degree; or
  • Employment in an associated profession.

Qualifi have transfer agreements with UK and US universities that recognise and transcript the Level 5 Diploma.

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