Employers are looking to recruit staff with a broad range of experience, and the ability to demonstrate the wide range of skills that they have developed through academic study, work experience, and extra-curricular activities. There is no definitive list of the skills that every employer will want you to possess, but the main employability skills that you should try to develop whilst at university are:

1. Numeracy /IT skills
2. Communication skills
3. Team-working skills
4. Research/critical thinking skills
5. Creativity/problem-solving skills
6. Organizational skills

Employ-ability skills may not be listed in a job description, but they are important skills that can make you more attractive to prospective employers. The main benefit of having these traits is that it can help you stand out among other job candidates who are vying for the same position. While other candidates may have the same qualifications and experience, you may have a better chance of getting hired if you have employability skills that are particularly useful for the role.