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Events calendar

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9:00 am

Intermediate Financial Modelling

Dubai, UAE

This course covers all of the important features in Excel that are used to write financial models. 

9:00 am

Key Performance Indicators & Optimisation

Luton-London, UK

The course clarifies the differences and connections between critical success factors (CSFs), key results indicators (KRIs), and key performance Indicators (KPIs) explaining how each should be used and how to pick the vital few measures from the many indicators that most organisations use.

9:00 am

Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime

Luton-London, UK

This course is designed to help people who enforce laws and policies, those who regulated financial services and put in place controls to prevent money laundering and financial crime.

9:00 am

Advanced Office Management and Effective Administration Skills

Luton-London, UK

The course deals with in-depth knowledge of how to develop the personal strengths and attitudes required in operating an efficient office or supporting team.

9:00 am

Achieving Leadership Excellence

London, UK

Participants will leave the course with a sound understanding of the nature of leadership and the importance of individual differences in leadership style.

9:00 am

Tax Restoration Appeals - Challenging Seizures, Confiscations & Cash Forfeitures

Cardiff, UK

This introductory level course will explore restoration appeals in the Tribunal and how to challenge seizures, confiscations and cash forfeitures upon import into the country using UK real case study. 

10:00 am

Building High Performance Team in a Digital Economy

Dubai, UAE

A truly effective team in a digital economy works efficiently, communicates well and achieves real results. This course will show participants how to build and nurture such high-performance Team in a digital Economy, giving you the skills, technology, strategies and confidence to improve a current team or create a new one.

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