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Events calendar

Previous Day Monday, March 23, 2020 Next Day
9:00 am

Accounting for Performance and Control


At the end of the course, candidates will have gained a greater understanding of the principles of cost and management accounting.

9:00 am

Advanced Tax Structuring for Real Estate & Immovable Property Investments

Abuja, Nigeria

This five-day seminar will provide a practical overview of the current taxation of property investments.

9:00 am

Improving Tax Legislative Framework and Communication with Stakeholders

Lusaka, Zambia

Tax administrators and legislators face the need to establish an effective legislative framework, proposals and communication process in order to better manage and inform internal and external stakeholders about its key projects as well as their rights and duties.

9:00 am

PPP Structuring and Project Life Cycle

Kigali, Rwanda

The nature of the PPP project determines the specific PPP structure that is employed and how the project will best be financed.