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Covid-19 update: Announcements

     ‘We at Prospects Development Services intend to continue to provide the full range of consultation services during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have already put in place measures to maintain a healthy environment for all staff and clients. We will continue to adapt and adjust our procedures as guidance changes. Please contact us on +4477 337 82193 to ensure business continuity. Booking can be arranged for future training by telephone, Skype or WhatsApp.’

This category contains Degree and Postgraduate  courses. Register and attend for these courses will lead to a University degree top-up :).

Event Event Date Location Individual Price Available place Register
Certificate in Health and Social Care 01/02/2021 UK (Blended & Online) £5,200 25
Certificate in Business Management 03/02/2021 UK (Blended & Online) £5,200 25
Diploma in Business Management 03/02/2021 UK (Blended & Online) £5,500 25