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Covid-19 update: Announcements

     ‘We at Prospects Development Services intend to continue to provide the full range of consultation services during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have already put in place measures to maintain a healthy environment for all staff and clients. We will continue to adapt and adjust our procedures as guidance changes. Please contact us on +4477 337 82193 to ensure business continuity. Booking can be arranged for future training by telephone, Skype or WhatsApp.’

Viability Gap

This course is ideal for those who are practicing first-line managers who wish to make a career in management at this level. It focuses on underpinning knowledge and practical skills providing the opportunity to preserve and develop good practice. With a general focus on standard cost benefit analysis in the determination of overall economic merits as well as value for money in the essential private, public partnership.

Course Content

  • Overview of the development of the viability gap facility (VGF)
  • Financial & economic assessment of public private partnerships
  • Development of the viability gap funding and its challenges
  • What to expect from viability gap funding
  • Recent global trends and challenges
  • VGF models overview
  • The case for competitive partnership
  • Minimum revenue guarantee
  • Control and implementation & reporting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Project and operational control
  • Productivity performance measure
  • Costs and benefits
  • Monitoring and evaluation operation

Learning Outcomes

  • This course will provide delegates with the insight into the practical aspects of VGF
  • You will be able to identify, implement and establish effective viability gap.
  • It will help you how to reduce the reduces the upfront capital costs of pro-poor private infrastructure investments
  • You will understand the concept of financial & economic assessment of public private partnerships
  • Understanding public sectors’ requirements and capacity in the government to implement VGF projects


NOTE: For our customised events all you need to do is provide us with what you want to achieve or tell us about the training requirements of the group and we will agree on a date, venue and produce a course proposal for you along with the costs. Discounts may be applicable for group booking or early birds.

Event Date Event End Date Location Individual Price Available place Register
01/06/2020 12/06/2020 London, UK £3,800 25
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
07/12/2020 18/12/2020 Atlanta, USA £3,800 25
£3,800 25

Location Map

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