Agro Logistics Management






Logistics management in the agricultural industry ensures the optimal and continuous flow of agro-goods from manufacturers/suppliers to producers and, eventually, to consumers. Effective logistics management guarantees that customer demands are met promptly and that the maximum value of cultivated products is achieved. It also aims to minimise distribution expenses, reduce losses, and promote environmentally friendly practices.

The Intensive course will explore several challenges Agro-logistics faces due to the intricate nature of agricultural supply chains.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to optimise the flow of goods from farm to market, minimising waste and maximising efficiency.
  • Understand the principles of supply chain management
  • Explore agro-logistics infrastructure, including transportation modes, storage facilities and distribution centres.
  • Develop skills in quality control processes for agricultural products.
  • Explore strategies agro-logistics, such as weather-related disruptions, supply chain interruptions, and market fluctuations.
  • Explore sustainable practices, including reducing carbon footprint, minimising waste and promoting eco-friendly transportation.
  • Learn about digital tools used such as; GPS Tracking, inventory management software, and data analytics.

Course Content

  • Overview of supply chain management
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Strategies for streamlining the flow of agricultural. products.
  • Balancing cost-effectiveness, quality and timely delivery
  • Logistics Infrastructure
  • Quality Control and Traceability
  • Risk Management in Argo Logistics
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Technology integration
  • Collaboration and Communication

Course Fee: £4.200 ($4,800)

Event Details

Start date: 1 July 2024

End date: 15 July 2024

Start time: 09:30 a.m. BST

End time: 04:00 p.m. BST

Venue: London

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