Effective Risk Management Oversight for Boards Secretariat & Executives


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Proactive risk management allows decision-makers to optimise results by implementing proven tools to plan for threats and opportunities. Since the global financial crisis, corporate board members and senior staff have been under pressure to enhance their risk management understandings. This workshop is designed to help attendees understand how to respond to this challenge.

Course Content

  • Overview of risk management
    – Key risk terminology
    – Benchmarking your institution’s risk management effectiveness and
    quality to that of competitors
  • Risk management planning
  • Risk identification tools & techniques
    – Overseeing risk and credit risks
    – Implementing risk response strategies
  • Five factors that lead to successful projects

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a better understanding of the role of directors and senior executives in overseeing, understanding and leveraging risk management
  • Apply scalable templates for risk management plans, risk registers and risk assessment matrices for initiative and function of the core risk areas: credit, market and operational
  • Understand these risk exposures to the company’s overall core business operations
  • Gain a better understanding of the primary questions to ask of risk management heads during the oversight process

Event Details

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Start date: 10 June 2024

End date: 21 June 2024

Start time: 09:00 BST

End time: 17:00 BST

Venue: London, UK

Phone: '+44 1582 414 144

Email: admin@prospectsds.com

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