Leadership & Management


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This extensive course covers a wide variety of aspects concerning management and leadership, all designed to make you a more successful leader. These lectures aim to outline each topic’s main points, which can only be understood and fully appreciated with additional private studying.


Course Content

  • Case study: The Nature of Managerial Work
  • A review of the ‘David Ulrich’ Strategy
  • The 8′ golden rules’ of leadership
  • A study of military rulers, such as Napoleon Bonaparte and modern-day commanders, and the influence they have had on management
  • Case study:’ The Intolerable Boss’
  • How to maintain your leadership during a crisis
  • A study of the various forms of strategies available to you

Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates will understand the multiple aspects of management and leadership
  • Know how change can affect leadership
  • Know what it takes to be an effective and successful leader

Event Details

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Start date: 6 May 2024

End date: 10 May 2024

Start time: 09:00 BST

End time: 17:00 BST

Venue: Paris, France

Phone: '+44 1582 414 144

Email: admin@prospectsds.com

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