Technical Project Management and Admin






Technical project management and administration is a challenging task. You must keep multiple stakeholders happy and ensure the project stays on track.

The technical side of any organisation can be quite vast, and it’s not always easy for non-specialists to understand what needs to be done and how. This might pose a challenge if you are an inexperienced technical project manager. Even if you have some experience managing your projects, you should still read up on how to be a successful technical project manager.

Course Content 

  • Project Management fundamentals
  • The origins of Projects Administration
  • Establishing Project Teams and Plans
  • Project Planning-Scope, resources and schedule
  • Project Forecasting
  • Project Control and Adaptation
  • Introduction to Agile
  • Agile Project Management Method
  • Scrum Master and Sprint Planning

Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying the foundation principles of teamwork and performance in technical projects.
  • Facilitating high performance across various project standards, methods, concepts, and architectures.
  • Evaluating charters, creating plans, establishing teams, support ongoing progress, handling changes and risks, and adapting to a high-performance culture.
  • Understanding the agile approach to project management and execution.
  • Employing advanced project management methods for planning, control and adaptation.

Event Details

Start date: 5 August 2024

End date: 9 August 2024

Start time: 09:00 a.m. BST

End time: 04:30 p.m. BST

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