Collective Bargaining and Negotiation in the context of the trade unionism



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The importance of promoting collective bargaining is enshrined in the Collective Bargaining Convention, 1981 (No. 154) and its accompanying Recommendation (No. 163). The skills, knowledge and capacity of those representing employers and workers’ organisations are critical in preventing labour disputes and achieving outcomes and agreements that meet the interests of all parties.

The course aims to develop participants’ capacities to improve their negotiation skills and, therefore, to reach satisfactory outcomes for their organisations.

The courses on negotiation aim to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of consensus-building approaches to conflict management and dispute resolution.

Learning Outcome

  • Develop an understanding of the core skills needed to plan and execute a successful negotiation
  • Learn a common language and methodology with which to collaborate on conegotiationsiation across an organisation.
  • Build further confidence as a negotiator through Interactive Negotiation Challenges.
  • Develop an understanding of advanced tactics and avoid the pitfalls of negotiating on behalf of a complex organisation

Indicative Content

  • Differentiate negotiation from its distant cousins: persuasion, problem-solving & imposing your will!
  • Understand negotiation as a simple 5-step process
  • Avoiding the most common and costly negotiation errors
  • Prepare effectively for any negotiation
  • Recognise the negotiation techniques required for each step of the negotiation process
  • Understand opposing positions through effective questions & active listening
  • Determine the power balance and then select appropriate behaviours
  • Send impactful signals to support a negotiating position
  • Make well-structured proposals
  • Bargain creatively and effectively
  • Use negotiation roles and a common negotiating language for optimal impact as part of a negotiating team
  • Identify and react decisively to tactics & dirty tricks
  • Deliver increased value & profitability from any negotiation


Event Details

Start date: 11 November 2024

End date: 15 November 2024

Start time: 09:00 a.m. BST

End time: 04:00 p.m. BST

Venue: Turkey, Istanbul

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