Understanding Digital Economy: Challenges in Emerging Economies


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Digital Economy continues to show strong growth and has been influencing the social and economic growth of nations. On the one hand, e-commerce technologies have helped nations accelerate their economic growth and provide more opportunities for organisations or businesses to operate at optimum. Still, it has also created many challenges and effects across policymakers and numerous domains of society.

Course Content

  • The globalisation of the Digital Economy
  • Challenges of the Digital Economy
  • Knowledge Management (KM)
  • E-Readiness Assessment Methods and Tools
  • E-Records Management and Freedom of Information for SMEs:
  • SMEs Industry in the digital age
  • Capacity Building in SMEs
  • The social and economic impact of the first, second and third wave of digitisation:
  • The Digital Age: Leadership Capability

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the emerging digital economy
  • Understand the challenges brought by the advent of the digital economy
  • Apprehend the economic nature of digital products.
  • Understand traditional economics within the context of the digital economy
  • Demonstrate that, on the contrary, sound economic concepts can be used to explain and comprehend the challenges brought about by digital technology.
  • Be able to make effective strategic decisions regarding the implementation of digital technologies

Event Details

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Start date: 18 November 2024

End date: 22 November 2024

Start time: 09:00 CEST

End time: 17:00 CEST

Venue: Paris, France

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