Change Management


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In these turbulent times, the pace of organizational change is quicker than ever. This programme enables participants to accelerate the pace of change, deal with resistors, and develop clear visions and realistic plans. It is full of practical tools and techniques to help you understand, manage and implement change successfully and allow everyone to buy into the process.

Most of us do not like change. Change can bring huge benefits, but unless you deal with people’s real and imagined fears and concerns, most of us will try to avoid it. The course explores the things that happen before, during and after the change. It offers practical tools to make potentially difficult situations more manageable.

Course Content 

  • Change overview
  • Change quadrant– impact on self
  • Patterns and uncertainty and change– a reality check
  • Change transition curve, Victim spiral
  • Resistance to change
  • Active vs passive choosing and House of change
  • Change– telling it like it is and Survival tactics
  • Personal change takes out
  • The pyramid response to change
  • Strategies for dealing with change

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the impact of change
  • Support and preparing for impending changes
  • Manage others through changes in your workplace
  • Get buy-in; dealing with resistance, Avoid the ‘tyranny of positivity.’
  • Manage your organisation through severe changes, Become an ‘agent for change.’
  • Build and maintain good working relationships
  • Get more creative with change solutions

Event Details

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Start date: 9 December 2024

End date: 13 December 2024

Start time: 09:00 BST

End time: 17:00 BST

Venue: London, UK

Phone: +44 1582 414 144


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