Elocution and Voice Softening


This is a full-venue event. Training tools, Certificates and refreshments will be provided. Should you be interested in the online version or your in-house delivery? Please contact us.





Do you have to give Status Reports at work?
Do you have an accent you would like to soften?
Do you feel awkward talking to people you don’t know?
Is it essential in your profession that you are easily understood?
Do people often ask you to repeat what you have said?
If you can answer yes to any of these, perhaps you need an elocution lesson. We will teach you how to speak clearly and confidently from anywhere in the world during these lessons. These lessons are ideal if English is not your first language, or it is an additional language.

Course Content

  • Articulation
  • Organs of speech
  • Vowel sounds
  • Consonant sounds
  • Exercise and drills
  • Breathing
  • Expressive speech
  • Inflexion
  • Pause
  • Pace
  • Pitch
  • Power
  • Resonance
  • Facial expression

Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn to speak more slowly (most people speak too quickly)
  • How to articulate well putting all the ‘t’s and ‘ds on the ends of words
  • How to pronounce English diphthong sounds such as ‘air’,’eer’ and ‘oh’

Event Details

NOTE: For our customised events all you need to do is provide us with what you want to achieve or tell us about the training requirements of the group and we will agree on a date, venue and produce a course proposal for you along with the costs. Discounts may be applicable for group booking or early birds.

Start date: 19 August 2024

End date: 21 August 2024

Start time: 09:00 BST

End time: 17:00 BST

Venue: Luton-London, UK

Phone: '+44 1582 414 144

Email: admin@prospectsds.com

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