IT User Skills


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This course is specially designed to increase people’s IT skills working in a wide range of industries. As the candidate’s progress through this training, they will demonstrate that they have the necessary practical skills, knowledge and competence to work effectively and efficiently with various packages.

Course Content

  • Use IT Systems
  • Operate a computer
  • IT trouble-shooting for users
  • IT maintenance for users
  • IT Security for users
  • Artwork and imaging software
  • Internet and intranets
  • E-mail
  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Database software
  • Website software
  • Presentation software
  • Specialist or bespoke software
  • Evaluate the impact of IT
  • Use IT to exchange information
  • Sector-specific unit

Learning Outcomes 
To achieve this qualification candidates shall gain practical training of the most common features of making selective use of IT for specific business functions and processes.

Event Details

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Start date: 19 February 2024

End date: 23 February 2024

Start time: 09:00 BST

End time: 17:00 BST

Venue: London, UK

Phone: '+44 1582 414 144


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