Risk Management for Projects and Programme


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The course will present different approaches to identify risks; qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse risks and determine their impacts; risk ranking and response techniques; communicate risks throughout the project life cycle and procedures to monitor, control, and

In project and program management, something can inevitably go wrong. The difference in successful project management is adequately assessing the risks and then executing a successful risk response. Organisations must have solid project risk management best practices to deliver projects within specified time frames, budgets, and quality requirements. Proactive risk management allows a project manager to optimise project results by implementing proven tools to plan threats and opportunities.

Course Content

  • Overview of risk management and Risk management process
  • Analysing contents of a model RMP and Risk identification tools & techniques
  • Assessing high-level risks to the organisation using a raid log
  • Perform qualitative risk analysis, Risk probability and impact assessment
  • Advanced applications of qualitative analysis
  • Analysing cost and schedule risk and Project cost & schedule risk analysis using pert
  • Prioritising analysis results and Simulation
  • Implementing risk response strategies
  • Quantifying residual risks and secondary responses
  • Risk monitoring and control tools and Recommending corrective action

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply scalable templates for risk management plans, risk registers and risk assessment matrices for the initiative
  • Leverage, a proven qualitative risk-analysis process, to guide your risk management decisions
  • Determine risk mitigations, and time and cost contingencies

Event Details

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Start date: 11 November 2024

End date: 22 November 2024

Start time: 09:00 UTC+03

End time: 17:00 UTC+03

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +44 1582 414 144

Email: admin@prospectsds.com

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